Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is Tiger Woods a Illuminati Mind Controlled Athlete?

There are many who believe that Tiger Woods is a manufactured product of the Pentagon MKULTRA mind control program.  The nazi's in Germany(who later came secretly into the U.S) perfected what they called "delta programing" that can dramatically enhance the mental game of an athlete through "trauma based programming." see  

Woods father was a green beret in a special forces unit in Vietnam.  He may have participated in "Operation Phoenix," a hunt and shoot to kill civilians operations during Vietnam working along side a South Vietnamese Army officer who has been accused of  assassinating 50,000 South Vietnamese employees who opposed the New World Order.

Tiger first played golf at age three on the Bob Hope TV show.  Bob Hope was a nororious MKULTRA programer and pedophile CIA sex slave handler. see "Thanks for the Memories", the story of a mind control sex slave, by Brice Taylor.  Homosexual rape is regarded by MKULTRA as torture to create multiple personalities, often on military bases.  Did Bob Hope help to program Tiger Woods?

Woods' car crash is a typical programed action of mind control slaves who are begining to remember.  According to Savali (mindcontrolfourms) and Brice Taylor, mind control slaves are programed to have an accident when they start to remember what was done to them. This usually occurs about the age 30 or so.  I refer the reader to the movie "A Long Kiss Goodnight" with Gina Davis and Samuel L Jackson. Davis played a house wife who has a car accident after which she starts to remember that she was a programmed assassin.  Now they want her dead.

Is Tiger Woods starting to remember? Do the nazi's who run the CIA want tiger Dead?  Is this why all of the media lies about his life unfolding?  They knew about Tiger's women a long time ago. My guess is that Tiger's programming is breaking down and cannot be repared, so now he becomes a liability, and like the Matt Damon flicks(Bourne Identity) they want him dead.

This is speculation, but I think Tiger's wife is not a real human.  Take a close up look at her photos. (google photos of tiger's wife) Check out those eyes!!!!!!!This is maybe why Tiger had other women, because the fake human just did not add up! If you don't believe that these people exist, google David Byrne.  This person has a song talking about being human and doing what humans do.  What human would sing a song like this?

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  1. ..Bob Hope was no i do believe that Tiger is programmed..or his wife..or both!

    Also his father died..maybe he was a bloodsacrifice for tiger.....